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The Invisible Backpack: Owl Pal Series

This therapeutic story aims to help kids cope with negative life events through a relatable, non-threatening story. It may be used with kids, who have experienced trauma/abuse, bullying, parental divorce/separation, moving, being left out, etc. Following difficult times, children’s behavior is often misunderstood by the adults in their lives. This book was created to assist kids, parents, caregivers, counselors, and teachers in better understanding a child’s feelings and behavior.

Reviews for Owl Pal Truth

I'm a mental health therapist at a school district, and I have not met a student who did not enjoy this game. The kids love finding out the secret code. I have kids who like to revisit the game and attempt to guess the code before it's revealed. It's a very versatile tool that can be used for assessments, building rapport, learning about your client, and exploring important topics. I highly recommend it!

These are amazing cards, I got them to help challenge the cognitive distortions many of my trauma-impacted clients experience. It manages to make challenging distortions fun! I am so thrilled to add these cards to my practice.

Beth Richey, LCSW

This is an excellent tool that can be used with both children and adults to explore and process different feelings. It’s very creative and well made. It’s always been a challenge to find bilingual games so it’s refreshing to find a therapeutic intervention that can be used with a diverse population. The illustrations are also very nice! Would definitely recommend this game!!

Martha Romero, LCSW

Brenda Flores

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